Problem Description:

Sometimes on the bottom part of the main screen, it shows warning message in red - Driver turn off or Alarm!

For all users of 4 axis change to 3 axis machines, make sure you have ignore C axis alarm in setting (F5-F5)



1.     1. Take out the back cover of the controller like shown in the picture below. Then start the computer. 


                        Figure 1

2.      2. The inside of the controller is like this.

                        Figure 2


3.      3. Click ‘Diagnose’ button or press function key F6 from the main screen


4.      4. On the pop up screen, check if the lights circled in red on the controller screen are turned on and solid. If not, check the power connection to the corresponding drives.


         All drives are marked with letters in the controller box so you can locate the corresponding servo drive and check the related power cord is connected properly.


                        Figure 3                                                                     Figure 4


5.     5 If all the power cords are connected correctly, check the digital display on a corresponding servo drives not including the drive for step motor Z..


6.     6. For servo drives, if everything is working correctly it will show 'run' on this display window. Otherwise there will be error code. Figure 5 shows an example for servo drives in both working (left) and error (right) condition.


                                                     Figure 5



7.      7. Check the user’s manual for the error code and corresponding solution for servo drives.

Σ-5 Series AC Servo Drives

Σ-7 Series AC Servo Drives