Waterjet CNC cutting table trouble shooting


Possible Causes



Cannot open control software

Waterjet control software Error

Re-install the Water jet Control Software

Operating system problem

Re-install Windows Operating System.

MicroDog lost connection

Plug the MicroDog again

Error warnings during simulation

Check if there is error in G- code

Make sure G-code is generated correctly.

Error in DXF file

Fix errors in DXF such as cross point, remove overlapped lines, etc.

X or Y axis do not move

Motor driver error

Check error or warning code from the driver and fix the problem accordingly. Reset the power.

Motor fails

Replace the motor.

Connection error

Make sure all connection is good, starting from the CNC computer to the motor.

hit waterjet machine axis travel range limit


Move the waterjet cutting head to the opposite direction of the limit.

Nothing moves

Emergency stop button pressed

Release the Emergency stop button

Electrical connection error.

Check connection and replace the failed parts.

Computer virus

Install anti-virus software.




Tolerance error of waterjet cutting

Error exists in either X or Y axis

check the electrical gear ratio, ball screw backlash, bearing and shaft joints

Error occurs in both X and Y of the waterjet cutting

Check offset setting. Proper offset setting can help to reduce error due to kerf of waterjet. The size of kerf can change due to the wear of the nozzle