Warranty for cutting table & controller

The product provides the warranty period of one year or 1,000 hours of work. If one of the items firstly reaches the limit, then the warranty ends. This warranty includes all mechanical components, but not includes the wearing parts, such as seals, valves, high pressure pipes or high-pressure pump parts. In addition, water quality and water temperature will highly influence the operational life of the product.


This warranty does not include the following factors:
(1) Accident
(2) Negligence, misuse, improper installation or abuse
(3) Unauthorized repair or modification, or components wearing, corrosion, erosion, water counter-flowing, or temperature anomaly caused by the irregular maintenance.


Buyers should bear the responsibility and cost of labor. The warranty is limited, company has the right to choose, whether to provide maintenance according to the unqualified products returned, or replace them with the equivalent products or refund; the company can select the new one or refurbishment as replacement parts, and buyer should pay for the transportation costs and tariffs of the parts under warranty.


The conditions of this warranty is as follows:
(1) Within 30 days after the discovery of the defect, the buyer should notice the company in written form.
(2) Return the damaged products to the company within 30 days after delivery of the notification and pay in advance the transportation charges and tariffs.
(3) Upon judgment after examination, the damage is not due to the negligence, misuse, improper maintenance, abuse, improper installation, accident, or unauthorized repair or modification.