If your machine encounter the table X/Y Coordinates error, like two Y axis not moving at same speed, or X,Y axis not moving coordinately, you can go through the Input Reference Pulse Counter on the servo drive.

1, Clear the working coordinate to X0Y0;

2, Restart the Servo drive to refresh the parameters; (Use the second breaker in the controller cabinet)

3, look in to Un00C, make sure it's 0000, if not restart the servo drive.

4, Use MDI function to move a certain length on X direction, for example run "X2", 2 inches on X+ direction, mark the reading on X servo drive.


5, Then use MDI "X0" move back to X0, Check if Un00C on X servo drive clean back to 0000, If not it means it's losing pulse signal. need replacement of the drive or motion control card. 

6, Go through the same testing on Y1, Y2 axis, to see if two axis moving coordinately, and if it's losing pulse. 

Contact us with your testing result if you need further assistance for trouble shooting.