You can make your own drawings. The larger the better.

  1. In waterjet software, F7- change unit to metric.
  2.  Download the attached file 1000_500.dxf   Load the file into the software.
  3. Loose eight bolts under X arm  (Two sides)
  4. Open Y1 and Y2 cover
  5. Load a thin metal or plywood board in the mid of the cutting table,we are going to test cutting.  The size must be larger than 4ft x 2 ft
  6. Cut the file on the board. You will get the following figure.
  7. Use tape measure to measure AD and BC.  If AD ≠ BC, go to step 8.  If AD=BC, go to step 12. 
  8. Turn off the power switch in the following picture. It is in the back of the controller.

  9. If AD>BC, manually rotate the Y2 moter wheel to the back side; If AD<BC, manually rotate the wheel to the front side.  If the difference between AD and BC is 1mm, then rotate the wheel to let the arm move 1mm or 2mm.

  10. Turn on the power switch which was turned off in step 8.

  11. Go back to step 6 to test cutting again.

  12. Tighten the 8 bolts in step 3.