A: High pressure compensator;  

B: Low pressure compensator;

C: High pressure adjuster;

D: Low pressure adjuster.

Clock wise-- increase;

Counter clockwise-- decrease. 

1. This picture shows A12  pump.  A16 pumps have same valves/adjusters mounted in the different location.  They have same functions just different mounting places.

2. If you are putting on a new hydraulic pump, start the pump let it running for 2 sec ! Then turn if off to let hydraulic oil running through the pump.  Wait 30 secs, then run the pump 2 secs again.  Do this 3-5 times to let hydraulic pump filled with oil.

  1. Turn A, B, C and D to minimum;
  2. Oil pump on;
  3. High pressure on;
  4. Gas valve off;
  5. Turn C to maximum;
  6. Increase A until oil pressure gauge reach 20 MPa;
  7. Lock the nut on A;
  8. High pressure off;
  9. Adjust B until oil pressure gauge reach 2 MPa;
  10. Lock the nut on B;
  11. High pressure on;
  12. Adjust C until oil pressure gauge reach 17 MPa;
  13. High pressure off;
  14. Adjust D until oil pressure gauge reach 5 MPa.
  15. Lock nuts on A, B, C, D.