1. Water cooling system: The system is able to provide cooling water and cutting water for the intensifier pump. Main features: Cooling water can be recycled. Water is cooled in the water storage tank, which also provides cutting water for the Intensifier Pump. When the water level in the storage tank drops, it will automatically fill water into the tank. The whole system only occupies very little area.


2. Air cooling system: This system is used to cool the hydraulic oil instead of the original water cooling system. Main features: Save water; occupy little area. Main structure: air cooling heat exchanger and oil connection pipes.

3. Oil chiller: The working principle of the oil chiller is similar to an air conditioner. The high temperature oil generated from the intensifier pump flows into the oil chiller, exchanging heat with refrigerant in the chiller, and flows back to the oil tank with the oil well cooled. Main features: Save water; better cooling effect.